SkySearch - Search and find files from your OneDrive™ account.
SkySearch is an online application that allows you to search and find files from your OneDrive™ account quickly and easily. SkySearch app can search files from your own OneDrive™ account folders and those items which are shared with you by other OneDrive™ users.

Please note that SkySearch cannot search the file content within the files. It will search only the names in your OneDrive™ items.
Step 1

Click button and allow access.
Step 2

Wait for the file, folder and album names to be indexed locally.
Step 3

Start Searching...
Once you have authorized SkySearch to index your files, it scans your account for files and stores only the names in your local browser cache. The initial scans can take some time depending on the number of files in your OneDrive™ account and the files/folders/images/albums shared with you. After the initial scan, the app will only index the changes made to your OneDrive™ account. This approach significantly improves the performance of the indexing process. However, this can also make the SkySearch unaware of the files being removed or deleted from your OneDrive™ account. Please see our FAQ section for more information on this scenario.
If you are using Chrome Web Browser, you can use our Chrome webstore app with better support for large number of files. The app will also allow you to quickly access the SkySearch application from Chrome App Launcher. Click the image below to access the Chrome Webstore App of SkySearch.

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